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Our Unique Approach

Todd, Bremer & Lawson has offered its unique approach to educational collections since 1974. At that time, J. Harold "Hal" Todd saw a need for a special kind of collection service for institutions of higher learning. He felt the word "service" included not only collecting money but also advising deserving borrowers of the proper steps to take in filing the various deferments and cancellations; routinely updating information; and providing management skills necessary to assist institutions of higher learning in the administration of their programs. To achieve this, Todd, Bremer & Lawson was formed not only to specialize, but to work exclusively, in the servicing of educational accounts.

Today, we are still convinced that our approach to educational collections is the most effective means available in assisting educational clients with their collection program. Our approach has led more than fourteen hundred (1400) different loan programs to leave the "mainstream" of collections for a more distinctive effort on behalf of their institutions. Our experience has expanded by servicing many other private educational loan programs.

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